Dog Profiles

Dog Profiles…

Sammi Jo

Before Jerry had one of his major surgeries, he promised Parker a black lab puppy. They picked him up from school and surprised him at the breeders. It was an instant connection between him and Sammi Jo.

Mayor of the camp dogs, Sammi has seen countless litters of puppies at PGC. She is always there to check people in, and is a regular in the lodge. Her favorite spot at camp is under the main cabin deck.

You can always find Sammi with a stick, ball, or rock in her mouth. She is the only dog at the camp with a perfect retrieving percentage. NO matter how far you throw a rock into the woods… Sammi Jo can ALWAYS find the exact rock. PGC loves you Sammi Jo!


Not known for his hunting capability, but a legend around PGC for being one of the most welcoming and friendly dogs around.

Baxter can be found at PGC in the lodge on one of the many couches getting his “beauty rest”, or running around in the woods with his best friend and partner in crime, Zuzka.

One of the most infamous Baxter stories, is when a brand new GoPro, right out of the box, was placed on his collar. After a run through the woods, Baxter came back, but the GoPro did not. Three years later, the same GoPro was found. Thanks Baxter for all the snuggles. PGC loves you Baxter!

Elhew Hampshire Miss Kit

The daughter of Elhew Seaman and Elhew Hampshire Maddie, Miss Kit possesses all the great qualities of mother and father.

Miss Kit, 4 years in age, is a natural grouse finder. She runs with a purpose, and when the going gets tough, she always seems to produce.

The only problem with Miss Kit, is she is too smart. If her kennel gate is not locked a certain way, she always finds a way out, and then proceeds to only let her friends out of their kennels. Raven, Iggy, Danny and Mia are usually the ones who benefit from Miss Kit’s jail break on the yard. Thank goodness for cameras in the kennel, so we can see Miss Kit’s shenanigans.


The daughter of Elhew Hampshire’s Venerable (Dan) and Elhew Hampshire’s Maddie.

Pineridge Raging Brooke is three and a half years old, and on Jerry’s guide string at Pineridge Grouse Camp. She came to Pineridge at eight weeks from Elhew Hampshire’s Kennels and has been on wild birds since her arrival to PGC.

Brooke is calm and caring in the lodge, but when it comes time to hit the field, she’s a “raging” brooke. From the grouse of the north woods to Texas quail, Brooke can handle all conditions. We hope to breed Brooke to Pineridge Revenant later this winter.

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