Dog Boarding – Longville Minnesota

Pineridge Grouse Camp is pleased to offer dog boarding for the area of Longville, Remer, Boy River, Outing, Walker and Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

We keep our heated kennels at 60 degrees in the heart of winter. With a total of 52 square feet, inside and out, your dog will have ample space to relax in comfort while you are away. Add a large, fenced-in exercise area with frequent opportunities to run with other dogs, your best friend may never want to leave. Kennels, inside and out are cleaned every day with a power-washer and we use an anti-bacterial solution designed for kennels like ours.

A complete and current vaccination record, including kennel cough, must accompany all dogs. There will be no exceptions on this policy at the kennel. We, like you, have a great deal invested in our dogs and proper prevention is the best policy. We proudly feed Eukanuba Performance 30/20 formula. You are welcome to bring his or her food of choice during their stay.

Our services:
Dog Boarding – $20.00 per day
Bath/Wash – $15.00
Dogs in heat cycle – add additional $5.00 per day
Pick up and delivery within 30 miles – $25.00 one way
Grooming – coming soon, please check back

Please feel free to give us a call regarding availability at (218) 301-6083 and make a reservation for your best friend while your away.

Gun Dog Training Program

Puppy Training
The puppy should be between 4-7 months old. A month long program that includes the following, with lots of individual attention while at Pineridge Grouse Camp.
• Crate training
• Stakeout and chain gang
• “Here” and “Whoa” training
• Daily runs with lots of birds, 5-6 days per week

Hunting Dog Training
7 months and older. This program can run between 6 weeks to 3 months depending on the maturity of the dog. This program includes the following:
• Holding point on birds until flushed.
• “Whoa” training
• Handling drills
• Whistle training
• E-Collar conditioning
• Backing or Honoring another point
• Training for reliable Retrieves
• Will be worked in different types of cover while at Pineridge

Finished Gun Dog Training
2-6 week program
Dog will do all that a hunting dog does above but will stand all the way through flush, shot, and fall, until being released for the retrieve.

Fall “Tune-Up”
Pineridge Grouse Camp will offer a fall “tune-up” program before the grouse and woodcock season. This program will allow your dog to get in hunting condition and see some birds before you head in to coverts for the first time. Space is limited so please contact us for availability.

6328 32nd Avenue NE
Remer, Minnesota 56672

office: (218) 301-6083
lodge: (218) 566-4812