Hunter Safety

  • Every hunter shall abide with state of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources requirements and regulations.
All hunters must sign a release form before hunting.
Blaze orange is required in the woods. No exceptions.
No ground swatting or shooting birds on the ground. Shooting above your shoulders or higher for the safety of the dogs.
Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed before or during hunting. Any misuse or over indulging is considered unacceptable behavior and will result in forfeiture of fee.
Pineridge management will have final discretion on all decisions.
We prefer and recommend side by side and over and under guns for safety reason. If you do happen to bring and auto you will be strongly encouraged to carry a double gun for safety reasons.
We value our guide dogs.  In the event of accidental shooting causing injury or death, you will be responsible for all vet bills and in case of death a charge of $10,000 will be charged to your credit card.  Shoulders and above will save every dog.





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