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Woodcock Bells

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Before beepers, GPS or just plain luck, grouse hunters relied on bells to keep track and find their dogs on point.  We have been trying for years to locate this bell maker from Italy and give upland hunters a traditional hand made bell like the ones the old authors like William Harden Foster talks about in New England Grouse Shooting.  Each bell is hand made and each carry a unique sound with the bone clapper.  

Below has been translated from the maker himself.  

“They have been built by hand, with the same method for more than a century with the very rare aid of machinery, preserving the same ancient and unique shapes.  Born for grazing cattle, I then became a beloved tool for hunting both for pointing dogs and for dogs.”

“Those who love traditional hunting find in the cowbell more than a sound but a music of resonance, or deep ringing. On furrow of the the tradition the craftsman recreates the ancestral magic of symphony also thanks to the clapper in bone.”

“Those ones sardinians are in four types: round, square, long and semi circle and come products without clapper or with the last  in iron. The craftsman then characterizes with the clapper traditional in bone obtained of the tibia of the sheep (arkile) for confer one true and own “personality sound”. The form of clapper, the particularity of the his processing and the addition of the decoration they make yes that the cowbell becomes also an object from regular and collect.”


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