Pineridge Grouse Camp Upland Training Course 2020 (Out of Stock)



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Pineridge Grouse Camp Upland Training Course

September 18-20 @ Pineridge Grouse Camp

Sponsored by Pineridge Grouse Camp



Jerry Havel: Owner & Guide at PGC

Kevin Sheppard: Forester & Guide at PGC

Jim Gerchy: Guide at PGC

Stephan Faust: Guide at PGC


Course overview:

This course is being offered by Pineridge Grouse Camp to help new and seasoned hunters learn the in’s and outs of Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock hunting.  The attached agenda is a tentative schedule of topics to be discussed.  Like all hunting, we will be flexible and can cover any topics you may wish during the weekend. Your dog is welcome to attend! PGC has a large training area and because dogs are a huge reason why we hunt, we will go over some training tips on what makes a great grouse and woodcock dog. Please bring your shotgun as you will have chance to pattern your gun to see where it actually shoots.  Plus, take part in a simulated a grouse and woodcock “walk” with clay targets. You can shoot your gun or try out some AYA shotguns, makers of some the best upland guns in the world. All your meals, lodging, ammo, drinks and a swag bag are included. Please feel free to give Jerry a call for more details or questions.  Please call 218-301-6083

After you have signed up for the course, you will receive a packet with directions to the camp and other information regarding the course. 

Space is limited to 14 students.  


Friday Sept 18: 

1:00     Arrive at Pineridge Grouse Camp in the afternoon Room assignments, air out dogs, settle in to PGC

5:30:    Appetizers meet and greet

6:15:    Dinner

7:30:    General discussion on the following 

  • About the weekend and the state of upland hunting past and present

9:00     Open discussion around the camp fire

Saturday Sept 19:          

7:30     Breakfast

8:30     The birds we love, Ruffed Grouse and the American Woodcock

  • Habitat for each and why?
  • Basic biology of each and why we need to know?
  • What makes a good cover for grouse, woodcock, both?
  • How to use online maps and google earth to find covers

9:30     Habitat Walk 

  • Walk through actual habitat projects at PGC to create grouse and woodcock habitat.

10:30   Essential gear for grouse hunting.

  • Head to toe gear to be effective grouse hunter and why it works.

11:15   How to use Google Maps and other online resources to find coverts.

12:30   Lunch

1:15     What is the definition of a grouse dog?

  • Basic training tips and techniques
  • Dog training demonstration

5:00     How to hunt and read a cover

  • How to walk effectively in the woods for grouse
  • How to approach a dog on point
  • How to move into position on a point
  • Flushing dogs in the grouse woods
  • Dog specific gear

5:45     Free time

6:30     Dinner

7:30     General discussion on the day around the campfire

Sunday Sept 20:           

7:30     Breakfast

8:15     Why we grouse hunt the way we do

9:00     Patterning your shotgun

  • SxS vs O/U vs Semi-Auto’s
  • Woodcock walk sporting clays course
  • Shoot some AYA Shotguns

12:00   Lunch 

1:00     Open Forum

3:00     Depart PGC


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