The Traditional Side x Side; King of the Upland Bird Guns by Doug Stewart



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King of the Upland Bird Guns

This book is a tribute to the classic side by side shotgun. After reading this book, you will have a better understanding of the side by side and why it is the king of the upland birds guns. 

The balance, beauty, and elegance of the side by side will be discussed in great detail, along with other merits of a classic game gun. Additionally, you will learn how to achieve a proper gun fit, and how to properly shoot this design of shotgun. Doug shares his lifetime of knowledge with great passion.

The true understanding and appreciation of a quality game gun will enhance your experiences a field. All these elements combine to explain why the side by side shotgun is still the best gun for bird shooting.


About the author:

Doug Stewart is a 50 year old health and fitness trainer. In his spare time, he loves to hunt birds and collect double guns. Doug is a traditionalist with old school morals and ethics. The uplands allow him to connect with God and nature as he enjoys His wonderful creation. He lives in Loveland, Colorado with his wife Jamie, daughter Samara, and bird dog Emma.


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